The busiest pediatric facility in the country is mastering world-class care by Using a mobile patient engagement platform

Nicklaus Children’s Health System (formerly Miami Children's Hospital) has successfully restructured its digital system to focus on the patient instead of providers, consistently delivering personalized experiences to satisfied patients.

This NCHS case study details ways to:

  • strengthen the connection between patients and providers
  • unify quality of care
  • increase efficiency

Methods implemented by NCHS demonstrate ways to:

  • improve service and quality
  • renew commitment to patient-focused, value-based care
  • ensure record cost savings
  • maintain security and compliance requirements

This comprehensive case study also outlines three key components to an effective change management strategy.

Learn how the flexibility and security of the FollowMyHealth® solution, which is built on Microsoft technology, enables NCHS to deliver holistic care that minimizes risk, advances patient satisfaction, and improves health outcomes.

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